Our three step strategy


The foundation of our strategy starts with deep listening during which we learn about our client’s culture. Understanding this is our special skill. When candidates are a cultural fit, then the search is likely to be successful.


Knowledge of the market is critical. It’s not just about finding people from existing networks. While candidates may already exist within our vast network, we nevertheless incorporate new research with every search we conduct.


We communicate with clients throughout the different phases of the search process, starting with the job description, which creates the basis for our interview guide, and ensures consistent, competency-based evaluation of the candidates.

Proven results

Time- and cost-effectiveness

We are highly selective which allows us to focus on our individual client’s specific needs.

Rigorous follow-through

We provide follow-up well after candidates are placed to monitor the transition and to determine if there are any additional ways we can support both client and candidate.

Attention to Detail

We offer constant touchpoints, regularly scheduled check-in calls with clients and candidates. Through our process, we learn and share information to allow the client to best support candidate success.

Long-lasting relationships

We stay in contact. We have worked with some of our clients for more than 20 years, helping them strategically build teams to meet their ever-changing needs.

Let's work together

It all starts with a call to see how we can support your goals.