Individual Career Strategy

Blueprint for Advancement:
Custom Career Strategies for the Forward-Thinking Professional

Our advising and strategizing program offers guidance for professionals at a crossroads, providing clear, actionable plans for those seeking to advance or pivot in their careers. We address the common issue of job stagnation by helping clients articulate their long-term goals, ensuring each career move is a strategic step towards their ultimate professional objectives.

This program is designed for individuals who are not only looking for transactional job placement but are seeking a deeper partnership that offers strategic thinking, emotional understanding, and tailored planning for their professional futures.

Who is this for?

Individuals who are beyond the entry-level stage and are looking to make strategic moves to achieve their ultimate career goal.

This encompasses those who are considering or actively seeking a change in their professional path, whether within their current sector or transitioning to a new one.

Those who are aligned with or have an affinity for mission-driven organizations, regardless of whether they are currently in the nonprofit or corporate sectors.

The program is tailored to individuals who have achieved considerable success in their careers and are now looking to pivot or elevate their positions, possibly taking on bigger roles or moving into different sectors.

While not exclusive to this sector, the program is well-suited for those within the nonprofit arena or those looking to pivot from corporate to nonprofit roles.

Professionals who value a personalized, one-on-one advisory experience that provides strategic guidance and structured planning for their careers.

People who are not just looking for the next job opportunity but are also interested in how their next move fits into a larger career narrative.

Our Strategy

Discover your career’s full potential and your own personal satisfaction with our transformative advisory program, where your ambition meets strategic mastery. We offer a personalized coaching experience that bridges your current position with your ultimate career aspirations. Our customized approach includes a variety of tools.

Discover the path to your professional peak with Lisa Byala—because your career is more than your job, it’s your journey.

Step into a tailored advising experience that propels your career forward. Our one-on-one sessions are your bridge from where you are to where you aspire to be.

Look beyond the horizon with our long-term planning focus, ensuring every career move strategically aligns with your ultimate professional landscape.

Our structured milestones and tailored concrete plans transform your career journey from a dream into action.

We can help you expand your professional network by analyzing the resources you currently have and targeting opportunities for building or strengthening links to others in your field (or comparable ones).

Guidance on bespoke resumes to persuasive cover letters, we equip you with the tools to articulate your value and negotiate the career you deserve.

Address stagnation with actionable pivots, not daunting leaps, guided by emotional and practical support for a smooth transition.

Whether you’re changing sectors or climbing the ladder within, our programs cater to all professionals in pursuit of meaningful change.

Benefit from our dual-lens approach, combining candidate advocacy with hiring authority expertise for a 360-degree career strategy.

Flexibility is at our core; our iterative process evolves with you, ensuring your career strategy remains agile in an ever-changing market.

Lisa Byala delivers exceptional career advisory services, thanks to her comprehensive understanding of both the candidate and organizational perspectives. With over 25 years of experience in executive search and career advisory, coupled with her history of working with a diverse range of professionals and organizations, Lisa provides a rare insight into the myriad of career challenges and goals that individuals face.

Lisa’s extensive background enables her to craft tailored strategies that resonate deeply with each client’s unique aspirations. She offers a transformative journey, emphasizing long-term career growth and fulfillment. Lisa’s ability to empathize with clients while offering strategic, actionable advice makes her an ideal partner for those navigating the complexities of career transitions and development.

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